How to find a new Job Abroad

You probably are wondering if the statement is true or a joke with the current situation in the world, the fact is the world will go back to normal and remote positions would continue to revolutionize the way we work. However, some jobs can and will never be done remotely organizations would need some competent that can be deployed to execute work related assignments, some on a short-term and others longer-term. The long pause in 2020 due to Covid-19 presents job seekers with the perfect opportunity to begin their job search, especially anyone looking to work abroad.

Working abroad can be a thrilling experience in your next career move with new challenges, new opportunities, new culture, and a new environment waiting for you. However, there are few things you need to keep in mind one being a starting point the other being a checklist of important things to consider?

Starting Point!

You would agree with me there are loads of job boards out there, that cater to so many industries, except specifically for jobs that involve total relocation across an extensive amount of industries. Here is good news, for Jobs that require professionals willing to relocate click here, and what more great about Vizajobs is that you would find new roles across various industry Banking, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, and other industries. The great thing about this all you need is to visit the site, search for roles that interest you, and apply just like you would on any other job board.

The Checklist!

Now whether you have been offered a job in a new country or now having a field applying for ‘’Jobs Abroad’’ here is a checklist of important things to consider ;

Tax Rate;

Salary negotiation can be quite tricky with job applications and seeking to work abroad is no different, when faced with such a situation the best thing to do is find out the tax rate and cost of living in such a country is as this gives you leverage or starting point for negotiating your pay. Note that what looks like a generous pay rise or in some cases a pay cut may just be in line with the tax regulation in such a place.

Working Hours;

The standard working hours per day are quite different from one country to another and this is largely due to culture. It will benefit you to find out how they differ from yours, just so you know what you are in for.

For clarification work hours in Ireland is the standard 9 AM to 5 PM that includes 15 minutes for breakfast and about 45 minutes for lunch. meanwhile, in Spain, the employee’s standard working hours are between 9 AM to 8 PM with two hours of break, while a working week in the Middle East (Dubai) is Sunday to Thursday.

Travel Documents /Work permit ;

As part of your travel itinerary, you would need to get your visa /work permit sorted, and in a situation of working abroad, the employer or recruiter will often time help out with this. However, this is something you need to keep in mind when applying for jobs overseas and especially if you already have a criminal record. If your passport is near expiring it will be in your best interest to have it renewed before embarking on your journey abroad, one thing I can guarantee is that the job publications on Vizajobs are roles that are willing to relocate you and help with your visa/work permit application process once you are done with the interview.

Banking system ;

Moving abroad is both a great and enthralling experience, but in all excitement, you want to be sure you do not need to worry about money issues once you are over there, ensure your salary is paid correctly by setting up an overseas bank account as soon as possible, preferably before you leave your country.


Settling in as quickly as possible can not be overemphasized this alone can dictate the pace of how you have settled into your new environment and ultimately your work. Also, it not just where you are going to live you need to think about — what are you going to do with your current property? do you currently rent and plan on just moving out or do you own and want to still keep your house? These are issues you need to decide on and find a lasting solution. Often when you are just about to start working abroad the company or employer would provide you at least a temporary shelter that gives you a breathing space to start finding something more fitting. However, I advise you to start searching for your next accommodation abroad even before you get on that plane, this can be done by going online or a network via referrals among friends or colleagues. I have experienced this and can tell you the best thing is to get going as soon as you can confirm your appointment is secured.


Likely one of the biggest questions to ask yourself is what would the impact of this life-changing decision have on my family? Are you married? Are you in a civil partnership? Have you got children? Are people dependent on you or not?

Unlike taking a job at home, you need to carefully consider how your family would with such a big transition of environment after all they have made bonds and friendship with other people where they currently reside, an upheaval like that can even sometimes impact them mentally. The best thing to do is to get everyone on board probably before or during the interview process rather than finding out after the job offer you might not be able to take it due to family commitment.

Lastly, make sure all your legal documents are up to date and ensure you notify local authorities of your residency within the state during the early days. There is a lot to consider when looking to work abroad and it is important to not take such a life-changing decision lightly, this article is in no way exhaustive but you know what? It will surely get you in the groove of things and give you a starting point as far as knowing where to look for roles and jobs with relocation possibilities and help you with issues you may not have been paying close attention to.



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